Welcome to SANMAT

Sanmat is a vision of young enthusiastic engineers passionate about building just and participative society. Having been educated in the premier institutes of the Country and employed by fortune companies they realized that even though the Country was progressing the benefits were not percolating to the deserving section of the society.

Sanmat, their brainchild, thus came in to existence in 2007 under registration no 2487/07. With Govt. of Tamilnadu in Chennai. The devastating Tsunami in Southern India and the ravages caused by the same led them to introspect and actively contribute towards working towards changing lives of underprivileged communities in Bihar with a special focus on capacity building, Trainings to youths, students and down rotten people. With a strong notion to make people believe in them, and wrest the initiative of social change in their own hands, within their own milieu rather than abdicate it to a state. We also work for Economic Development of Hearing Impaired, Child protection Women Empowerment, Terminal Illness, Poverty Alleviation and rural livelihood creation. One of the main focus area is to empower the youth by imparting technical skill, sociopreneurship, awareness generation, generating livelihood, modular employment scheme.

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