Recent Projects

It includes those initiatives which need a thrust to propel. We have few project already aligned for this purpose.


The concept is to promote the regional growth to promote the regional language by the regional people and also currently we are guiding the interested people about how to set up the community radio station right from application to the establishment. Soon we will be setting up the CRS along with the help of MAHADALIT VIKAS MISSION,GOVT. OF BIHAR.


SSNM along with Enable India (A Banglore based NGO) join hands to provide education to the physically challenged student .This will include the student of age group 13-17. MOBILE SCHOOL (Chalta Firta Gyan Kendra)

The mobile school was initiated to reach out to children who were out of school or had dropped out. The youth animator visited their houses motivated children and parent’s on the importance of education. The children are provided education in an interactive and meaningful way.

This is a multistep process in which we facilitate the door-step learning and then further enrollment into the school.

  • The 1st step includes the assembly at the common place in the village and learning the basics by the tutors and the volunteer.
  • The 2nd step includes the enrollment of children to the nearby govt. school.
  • In the final step the enrolled students are monitored for their performance and those who backed out are reached for the re-counseling session.

The program is presently run in the NAWADA PANCHAYAT at SIX Centers.


Women are important stakeholders in all our program the organization promotes greater participation women in decision-making, attending to their self-esteem and well-being, and building their economic, social, cultural and political capacities. The organization is committed in creating a society that empowers women as equal partners and ensures the promotion and fulfilment of their fundamental human rights. The empowerment of women is promoted through

  • Womens’ Groups
  • We Can End All Violence Against Women (WE CAN)
  • Increasing Womens’ participation in local governance issues.

This program was initiated in Areraj.East Champaran and is now carried as a sub-module under various other program by the volunteers at different level in Bihar.


The self help group as the name suggest concentrates on the channelizing the money flow within a group.The volunteers meet the people in the villages and the economically constraint areas and make them aware of the cash flow channel,also they help in forming a group of 10-12 people headed by a core committee having the potential to make decision even in the moment of the crisis. Some nominal amount is collected and after the meeting which is held every fifteen days,the money is redistributed according to the priority of the business start up.We also help linking them to the NABARD(National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development) which help them in getting subsidiary and other cost benefit.

This program is presently running in Nawada, Govoindganj , Izra in Areraj Block, Bihiya in Ara, Auragabad dist., Motihari in East Champaran.

DYSP(Dalit Youth Support Program)

This is a massive program running almost all over Bihar. Basically we here mobilize the talent of the interested student who wish to study but could not do the same due to lack of money, awareness and the suppression by the other upper section of the society.

We collect the 10th /12th pass student of the lower section of the society and get them admitted in some professional engineering and diploma courses in the partner colleges with absolutely free fooding, lodging and course fees. For this we also run a BRIDGE PROGRAM of two months where we educate them the basic knowledge required before they enter the professional college, which includes:-

  • General English
  • Engg. Physics
  • Engg. Chemistry
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics.

This program is in running state at places in Areraj, Pahadpur and Patna.


The youth animators are also involved in advocacy with local school administration for implementation of Right to Education Act. The organization has raised awareness amongst women on their role in local governance. Under this project we build capacities of a dalit woman fight the local election against a powerful Male candidate and her winning has been seen as a victory by the community they feel that they have a space and support group to raise their concerns.

It also includes making people aware the government facilities and scheme provided to them like MNREGA, Indira Awas Yojna,Right to Information,Pension Benefit.

In addition recently the organization has initiated a campaign to build a pucca(well built) road in the area which will have multiple benefits for the community after a continuous campaign by youth groups with active support from the community the laying of pucca road has been approved and the work was scheduled to begin in the month of May 2012.


A team of 50 volunteers have been working on the de-addiction program where they raise awareness on the ill-effects of alcohol and other programs the team recently organized a Candle March in Areraj District around 600 people youth and women participated in the same. A team of 20 youth volunteers have been undergone the Mahadalit Vikas Mitra training of trainers and they are in turn training Vikas Mitras on their role and responsibility. A team of 35 recently graduated volunteers is doing a project on micro-finance they are involved in forming groups of women and youth this project has recently began.


A signature campaign was organized in areas of ARERAJ block of East Champaran distt. for the Road Construction, where almost 25,000 people came forward to make their signature count.

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