Social Entrepreneurs


They say that “those who have the courage to swim against the flow make the History.” One of the main objectives of the SANMAT organization is to organize, motivate, orient and create awareness on the contemporary issues, amongst youth and inculcate new values, develop leadership skills, improve their existing skills, ensure their participation in the development activities of their communities work for social change. We call such individuals Change Agents.The innovative aspect is this has been done through a continuous process of dialogue and empowerment of youth and in turn the community.  In the process we have developed thousands of tiny & small entrepreneurs in Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

We are currently supporting following from last 4 years in various stages:

Non Farm Based Entrepreneuts: 1100

Specific Skill based individual Entrepreneurs: 2200

Agri-Agro based : 2100

Women Lead Initaitives: 200

SHG and Group non farm Lead Initaitives: 70

Handholding support from 36 Months : 116

Nabard JLG Support : 140

Market Linked skill Training: 650

Sensitize, Mobilize and Oriented Weavers of Banka District: 2100

Handholding  suppoert provided to Entrepreneurs at state level : 13

Our Associates: Confluent, Devlabs, FDS Pvt Ltd, PCF, C-Mart, SSNMT, Golden Turtle Pvt Ltd, SMP Ltd, TRY,Prime Tours, Paropkari,NAF

Partners & Associates