Healthcare service Management of Sanmat Health Care

To achieve clinical excellence and accreditation in any healthcare facility is a sound business management strategy. We recognises that service  systems such as information services, administrative structure, and robust clinical and operational policies and procedures are key elements of the care provider process. We have built up a very strong reputation and have excellent relationships with our clients as well as a number of linkages with prestigious National, International hospitals, universities and Government Bodies. We do run community outreach campaigns and also work on developing patient treatment history & related databases. We have different team for various issues based awairness programs.

Our key components:

  • Efficient working protocols
  • Excellence in clinical care
  • Strategic direction and guidance
  • Ability to understand and manage costs
  • State of the art clinical technologies to maximise patient care
  • Realistic work load
  • Comfortable work culture



We offer counsel and consultancy in the areas of:



  • Strategic Assessment
  • Manpower Schedules
  • Equipment Specification, Testing & Installation
  • Policy & Procedure Protocols
  • New Hospital Commissioning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Structural & Design Elements
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • & Programme Design
  • IT Review & Recommendation


Partners & Associates