Sanmat and Indus Action joined hands to combat issues of RTE 12 (1) c execution in the state.

Area of focus:
  1. Ensuring academic inclusion of students and parents of economically weaker sections
  2. Increasing social inclusion of children
  3. Developing a compendium of best practices that can be used to advocate among various stakeholders
  4. Impact assessment of the project to continuously assess the approach
  5. Connecting local community with school teachers
  6. Rapport building between existing students and prospective student

Following methods will be used as per context:

  • Developing IEC materials – Handbill, pamphlets, posters
  • Baseline survey for mapping the students and studying the socio-economic gap of existing student’s family and prospective student’s family
  • Consultation and sensitization sessions amongst teachers and communities will be organized
  • Use of reflexive practice approaches like storytelling, street plays & simple thematic quiz
  • Identifying and developing community volunteers
  • Game sessions between existing and prospective students
  • Seeking recommendations/references from Govt. school teachers, communities seniors (Senior Citizen)

Partners & Associates